As the Union we expect the clubs to honour the agreement

As the Union we expect the clubs to honour the agreement


How many times have we seen players after they have finished the playing careers they have no way of sustaining their lives. Could it be the fact that they live flashy lives by driving fancy cars and dressing up in fancy clothes and they fail to save up? Could it be a fact that they are not being paid what they deserve? Who is to blame. Is it the players? The teams or the mother body that regulates everything that has to do with football in the country? Somewhere there is a huge gap that needs to be filled in order to ensure that all parties that are involved in the beautiful game are all happy so that the end product that is being sold to the masses is a finished product.

Recently a controversial issue involving Clifford Mulenga who allegedly say that he was not paid by his team. We caught up with South African Football Players Union President, who explained where they stand in the issues surrounding late payments of players and what they would love to achieve as a Union.

” As the Union we expect the clubs to honour the agreement that they have with the players, but also we cannot have the situation where the clubs are delaying with payments and that is a normal thing. We can’t have a situation where for an example someone that works in another industry is not paid and they go on strike and that is seen as normal but when players do that its seen as something bad. How do you expect players who are not paid to go and play as if nothing has happened? How do we resolve that? we must make sure that financial fair play is practised. Whoever buys a club, it must be made sure that the person will be able to sustain that in the future.”

What should happen in order to ensure that the lively hood of the players who are the important stakeholders in the game is well catered for? We see in other sporting codes like rugby and cricket that the stakeholders are well-taken care off but our beloved soccer players are continuously put in a position that after their playing days they live as paupers.

” Those who transgress or break the agreement like Jomo Cosmos should be punished and if this thing continues the only people who suffer are the players, their livelihood is prejudiced, they have families to look after. The offenders should be made to come to the book if they take money from they will continue doing that. maybe they should start taking points away from the transgressors then maybe they will see that this thing is serious. Another part we should look at is the issues of a team being liquidated, the league must take over that team until a potential investor comes and takes over the team, look at what happened in the EPL with Portsmouth FC, the EPL took over and the leagues intergrity was kept intact. We also need to do that. We can not have a situation whereby players need to strike first before they are paid like in the case of Bloemfontein Celtics. 

Should the governing body step in to ensure that the teams are able to pay players on time?

“The League needs to come on board in order to ensure that financial play is preserved when players are not at training they are fined but when they are not paid we expect them to come to training like nothing has happened. We are living in the 21st century but we not delivering what should be delivered in the 21st century. What happens when players contracts are terminated left and right those are the things we need to look at.The mental state of the players also needs to be looked at, we cant have players going to training and being worried that they not paid and that their cars might be repossesed or they might be kicked out of their apartments because they have defaulted on their payments because the clubs are paying them late. Happy players will result in them giving 100% on the field and that would ensure that Bafana Bafana has quality”








Author: Dumisani Koyana

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