The brand of Polokwane City is growing every day and that makes me work harder

The brand of Polokwane City is growing every day and that makes me work harder

It seems like a lifetime when guys like Putco Mafani, Alex Shakoane, and Loius Tshakoane used to ensure that when their teams play that is all the country will be talking about. Who can forget the time Putco came up with #Operation Vat Alles when Kaizer Chiefs won everything under Coach Mushin Ertugral, or when Alex would show off his diamond fingers whilst bragging about the shoe shine piano type of football that Mamelodi Sundowns was playing. Yes, that seems like a lifetime, when Public Relation Officers of teams in the Premier Soccer League would go to Taxi ranks, Schools and everywhere they could find a platform to build up an upcoming game and interact with their supporters.

Fast Forward to the world of digital media where everything has been revolutionized by technology, gone are the days when we had PRO’s these days they are called Media Officers. You only need a laptop, data, and Twitter to interact with the masses. We have seen sides like Cape Town City and Ajax Cape Town having a banter on social media platform and that has drawn a lot of attention to their game. One Media Officer that has captured the hearts of the football-loving supporters is Vusi Ntimane from Limpopo based Premier Soccer League outfit Polokwane City

” We had Louis Tshakoane and Alex as well known PROs they had their style, then Putco Mafani who danced his way into fans hearts. They were all good at it. Now it’s a new Era we have to come with our own way of communicating. We also visit branches in different communities but social media is part of us we can’t run away from it. So we using it to interact, entertain and inform fans on our latest developments”


The Giyani born Ntimane is known around social media platform for his notorious banter with anyone that tries to cross path with Polokwane City. The older generation that is not used to on how technology has changed the mindset of the younger generation might feel that these Media Officers are just lazy and do not show that human element when it comes to hyping up big games so that the supporters can come out in numbers.

“So we use it to interact, entertain and inform fans on our latest developments. The love and appreciation I get from most fans and people, in general, drives me to always look for new ways to explore with social media trends.”

Polokwane City currently has 73,000 followers on Twitter, can that number on social be transformed to fill the seats at the stadium? One thing you can commend about the Polokwane City Media Officer is how he converses with the supporters something that big teams seem to be lacking.

“The brand of Polokwane City is growing every day and that makes me work harder. With interaction, I think Mamelodi Sundowns are doing their best followed by Kaizer Chiefs while other teams are very silent they can’t even answer a simple question. But with time they will follow, look at English Premier League, Spain, Italy they are all very active.”

With a new coach at the helm of Rise and Shine, we hope that the boys will deliver on the field of play as much as Vusi Ntimane is doing on the social media platform on behalf of the team. They finished on position 12 in the last campaign.

“For 2018/2019 expect more Vitamin C Injection to all teams and more interaction. Thanks to all football loving fans for always interacting, even when they, not our supporters.”



Author: Dumisani Koyana

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